Of leaves, marker drawings and paper dolls: Tang Chiew Ling


To stumble upon Tang Chiew Ling graceful art is almost a case of serendipity for me, because a few things that recently attracted me combine harmoniously in her work – specifically what an artist can do with leaves (see the work by Hillary Fayle), make up with a few marks on a white background (see the work by Rafael Mantesso)  and some miniaturized paper dolls (see the work by Jorge Miranda).


Malaysian designer Tang Chiew Ling has always been interested in fashion. When she started gathering leaves from the drain and from her mother’s garden, she came up with the idea of realizinig something fashionable and elegant out of a material only apparently poor and humble. The organic shapes of different leaves (the names of which the artists confesses not to know) offer Tang Chiew Ling the inspiration for some of her collaged fashion sketches. On a bigger scale, artist Nicole Dextras has probably  followed the same initial inspiration for realizing her wearable Weedrobes.

Fashion leaves



FLaJust like she does for her fashion models, Tang Chiew Ling uses the lines drawn by her black marker for complementing objects on paper. A random element thus becomes part of a lively cheerful scene. ‘Keep it simple’ is an often successful rule for delighting the viewer, as her works demonstrate.


Kite surfingSometimes the small black figurines leave the white paper, when Tang Chiew Ling cut them out for placing them beside objects of our everyday lives. The small paper dolls populate the space and interact with it, as if living among us their own normal lives.


booksTo see more of Tang Chiew Ling‘s art, please visit her Behance page here.

Thanks to Tang Chiew Ling for the images.

via Colossal



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