Jorge Miranda – A filmaker’s secret dream


One could guess that a filmaker’s secret dream would be to make his actors perform the most bizarre, improbable and dangerous tasks in the most unlikely and unusual set. Miami-based Jorge Miranda found a viable solution to make this dream come true, at least in part. The result is an incredibly amusing display of surreal sketches.




Miranda extracts from old photographs silhouettes of people, often captured and frozen in the middle of an acrobatic movement. Isolated from their original context, the miniaturized cuts-out are inserted in a sort of new set, created with everyday domestic objects such as pieces of cutlery.



y5Miranda‘s tiny paper dolls lend themselves to be exposed to any possible (or impossible) situations, fulfilling their creator’s dream ‘to express my ideas with actors that don’t complain and don’t need to get paid’.



Miranda‘s delightful sketches are captured on camera as if they were stills from old black-and-white films. Particularly, they are a personal and modern re-interpretation of the golden era of silent slapstick’s comedy. Not surprisingly, Harold Lloyd is recognizable in many  of Jorge Miranda‘s whimsical scenes.


hlAfter having captured with his camera the paper dolls in action, Jorge Miranda shares them on his Instagram profile, that you can visit here.

All images courtesy of Jorge Miranda.

via My Modern Met.



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