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Hi, I am Margherita Dessanay, a nomadic Sardinian, just returned to my homeland after 4 years in London. I’ve been always enamoured with art and I am lucky enough to work as writer and editor for an art magazine, Elephant. Everyday I come across such mesmerizing examples of human creativity that words fail me. It is a good challenge to transform into words something that literally leaves me speechless.

A part from what I write for magazines (see the section Articles), publishing houses and art galleries (see the section Books and other writings), I have a messy archive of images, names, links and notes. They are there, and I don’t know why I keep them secret and silent. It is as if they are getting covered in dust. I think it is time I allow them to aerate.

The opening of Edward Carey’s novel Observatory Mansions describes the main character like this: I wore white gloves. I lived with my mother and father. I was not a child. I was thirty-seven years old. My bottom lip was swollen. I wore white gloves though I was not a servant. I did not play in a brass band. I was not a waiter. I was not a magician. I was the attendant of a museum. A museum of significant objects. I wore white gloves so that I would not damage any of the nine hundred and eighty-six objects in the museum. I wore white gloves so that I would not have to touch anything with my bare hands. I wore white gloves so that I would not have to look at my own hands.

All the things that captivates me – my significant ‘objects’ – run the risk to be prisoner of my virtual museum. It’s time for me to take off my white gloves and look at my own hands.

Email me at margadessa@gmail.com

italyVersione italiana


8 responses to “About

  1. Thank you for letting your “significant objects” free! Love reading about them, they are certainly inspiring and worth sharing!

  2. I am in London since three years now. I miss Italy a lot, especially the incredible sun and sea in Sardinia and…yes, the food! Unfortunately chances and opportunities are less and more difficult to access there…see, another thing that we share, Italian roots. 🙂

  3. Hi Margarella, I’m running a new arts project aclled The Wing Assignment, Kemi told you about it, can you mail me so we can make contact? I’m contactable via the site http://www.thewingassignment.com.

    Look forward to talking to you shortly,

    Nina Farrell

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