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Colors of The Wind by René & Radka – The unbearable lightness of being

(…after a two weeks rest in my homeland, Sardinia)

Soundtrack for this image: If I Were A Fish by Múm (you can listen to it here)

If I were a fish and you were a seashell
Would you marry me anyway?
Would you have my babies?

If I were a fish
If I were a fish

If I were a bumblebee and you were a puddle
Would I drown in you anyway?
In your soggy eyeballs?

If I were a fish
If I were a fish

If I were a fish
And you were a puddle
If I were a fish

The series Colors Of The Wind by photographic duo René & Radka is my visual remedy for re-entering the hustle and bustle of my London life while keeping with me the healing effect that sea, sun and a lighter way of living have on me.

Although set on a beach, Colors of The Wind is inspired by air and wind rather than by water. The colourful creatures inhabiting these pictures are flying kites. Jellyfishes, octopuses, teddy bears, alligators, mushrooms etc. resemble little playful and free spirits floating in the sky with gentle movements, as if underwater.

 René and Radka are professional fashion photographers, but in this personal project they have created a delicate and poetic universe, where the playful is all but childish (just like Múm’s lullaby), where the sky and the sea offer the open space to become wiser…if it’s true that “people do not get ‘heavy’ with wisdom. They get light. The wiser you become, the lighter you become” (Tom Robbins, Half Asleep in Frog Pajamas). 

For more images visit René and Radka website.

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