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Illuminated: Ball of Light by Denis Smith

Ball of Light is an amazing project: not only it leaves you in awe but it also bears witness of Denis Smith‘s path towards a more humanly enlightened way of living: 

First, a little ‘Notice to Mariners’: there is not Photoshop involved in the realization of these images. They are taken in a single very long exposure and subject only to minor adjustments in saturation and brightness.

Denis Smith approached photography around three years ago, when he moved from New Zealand to Australia, a choice dictated by the need for a big change in lifestyle. Photography has since then allowed Smith to experience the majesty of the natural environment surrounding him. But landscape photography didn’t seem to convey the feeling of awe and humble contemplation he felt. So, he decided to experiment with ‘light painting‘, a process that involves very long exposures (preferably in dark conditions, better when the moon is full) for capturing the otherwise invisible tracks produced by waving lights. Each ball of light is drawn by Smith through creating circles with colourful LED lights while pivoting on his heels.

Each ball of light is like an entity made of vibrant energy that Smith encountered through his journey towards a renewed and more deeply human relationship with nature. It takes him a lot of passion and commitment to perfection every detail, the execution is time consuming, but the project Ball of Light also revealed to him the precious value of spending some time alone, in the rich silence of the night.

Denis Smith has turned his photographic skills into a way of materializing all the magic – at times mystical – energies that inhabit life and surround us. Brightly coloured and ethereal at once, these creatures of life excite daydreaming and project us in a sort of suspended dimension. Or, as Smith describes them, they are portals through which each of us can enter into contact with his or her own imagination.

Ball of Light is an ongoing project of discovery. Denis Smith is traveling around the world in search of the next encounter with a supernatural ball…

All images © Denis Smith Photography.
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