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Rafael Mantesso and Jimmy Choo – An inspiring friendship



Dogs are incredibly inspiring creatures. Brazilian illustrator and designer Rafael Mantesso knows it well. Left in an unfurnished house after a divorce, Mantesso had only his dog Jimmy Choo (a bull terrier named by his ex after the fashion designer) to keep him company and bring up his morale. With clever and witty humour, Mantesso has started to use the white walls as the background for Jimmy Choo’s quirky performances. He draws various backdrops with a black marker on white cardboard. The scene is completed by the hilarious presence of Jimmy Choo who poses in disguise with funnily tender result. Mantesso swears that Jimmy Choo enjoyed all of it. And we enjoy it all as well…

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Eric Joyner: Robots all too human

Italy-iconAfter a week of working on highly cerebral conceptual art, stumbling upon the universe of painter Eric Joyner is an incredibly refreshing joyful moment.

The inspiration of San Francisco based Eric Joyner draws on two passions of him: robots (especially tin robot toys) and doughnuts. These two apparently irreconcilable objects of desire build up an universe of incredibly humorous and compassionate humanity.

Intent in typical everyday tasks and activities, the robots appear more human than humans. They look like the most innocuous and friendly neighbours that one can hope for. But don’t let appearance mislead you, because these robots are all too human and – as such – they know all ranges of human emotions…

They know irrational eruptions of violence, they are victim of gluttony and they succumb to the temptations of the flesh (or rather of the flashing neon lights). They are guilty of the same megalomaniac ambition that guided Doctor Frankenstein.

This is probably why it’s so easy to empathise with this eccentric universe. There is an odd and clumsy tenderness in these robots experiencing life in its normal aspects. But there is also amusement in witnessing the bizarre adventures that Joyner can imagine for his characters.

In this video, Joyner explains a bit more about his creative universe:

A lot more of these painterly adventures on Eric Joyner‘s website, here.

All images courtesy of Eric Joyner.