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Aqueous Electreau, another Aqueous series by Mark Mawson


Aqueous Electreau by Mark Mawson projects me into an hypnotizing bubble of my own imagination, where clouds of colours conjure up associations with different images and feelings…

The title Aqueous Electreau summarizes the overall sense of the last mind-blowing series by photographer Mark Mawson. ‘Aqueous’ conjures up the liquid status under which the images were taken, while ‘Electreau’ is a play on words: ‘eau’ is water in French and when joined to the suffix ‘electr’ it concentrates the electricity emanating from the filaments and clouds of fluorescent pigments dissolving in the water.

Aqueous Electreau plays with the same process that Mawson already experimented with two previous series: Aqueous and Aqueous Fluoreau. The images work as inkblot tests where one is allowed to see just almost everything: the fumes from a chemical explosion, jellyfish elegantly floating, soft clouds or viscous lava streams.

These explosion of colours in organic concretion also mesmerize and can transport in a world of inarticulable feelings and sensations, where imagination runs faster that rational explanation.

Mark Mawson has also realized Aqueous Movie, in which you can see the magic of these beautiful forms forming and dissolving continuously, like a fireworks show. Aqueous Movie can be seen here.

All the three series can be seen on Mark Mawson‘s website, here.

All images courtesy of Mark Mawson.