It’s time of leaves again with Hillary Fayle


I am twofold amazed by Hillary Fayle‘s art. She poetically manages to mix together two favourites of mine: leaves and embroidery.


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Rafael Mantesso and Jimmy Choo – An inspiring friendship



Dogs are incredibly inspiring creatures. Brazilian illustrator and designer Rafael Mantesso knows it well. Left in an unfurnished house after a divorce, Mantesso had only his dog Jimmy Choo (a bull terrier named by his ex after the fashion designer) to keep him company and bring up his morale. With clever and witty humour, Mantesso has started to use the white walls as the background for Jimmy Choo’s quirky performances. He draws various backdrops with a black marker on white cardboard. The scene is completed by the hilarious presence of Jimmy Choo who poses in disguise with funnily tender result. Mantesso swears that Jimmy Choo enjoyed all of it. And we enjoy it all as well…

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Jorge Miranda – A filmaker’s secret dream


One could guess that a filmaker’s secret dream would be to make his actors perform the most bizarre, improbable and dangerous tasks in the most unlikely and unusual set. Miami-based Jorge Miranda found a viable solution to make this dream come true, at least in part. The result is an incredibly amusing display of surreal sketches.

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Ricardo Solís’s animal creation tales


The adorable work of Mexican Ricardo Solís depicts a personal version of the myth of animal creation. Solís draws on his child’s imagination and transposes on canvas his whimsical and amusingly bizarre hypothesis on why animal species look the way they are.


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Homebodies by Calvin Ma


Homebodies is the name that artist Calvin Ma has given to his series of ceramic sculptures and that perfectly sums up the delicate and intense poetics inspiring his art.


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M.Funk – Sensory Photography


In looking at M.Funk pictures a whole range of emotional responses is awaken. His images have a strong suggestive power that affects different sensorial fields.


M.Funk‘s pictures all share an intimate tone that results as much from the framing as from the captured subjects. The artist seems to observe his surroundings with a discreet and humble eye and yet with a strongly aware presence. Continue reading

INTI’s contemporary Carnival

Chilean INTI‘s murals own an outstanding visual power, due not only to their massive size but even more to their expressive qualities.

Oslo_Treasure_Hunter_2012INTI sums up the many forces underpinning his inspiration with the words ‘syncretism, religion, colours, carnival and resistance’. Taking on board the unavoidable legacy of Muralism in Latin America, INTI interprets it from a new perspective. His visual universe is populated by theatrical and brightly coloured puppet-like characters. Continue reading

Feather Art by Chris Maynard

Nature has countless ways to offer inspiration. The colourful feathers of many species of birds are the raw material for the graceful and sophisticated art by American Chris Maynard.



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I Saw a Peacock with a Fiery Tail – Tara Books (1)


The illustrated book I Saw a Peacock with a Fiery Tail is an illustrated gem published in 2010 by the amazing Tara Books. To have it on my bookshelves is a powerful reminder of the incredible richness that experiencing a book can offer.


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I am here to stay

here to stayItaly-iconI am aware it does not look like, considering how little I posted in the last year, but I am here – in this blog – to stay. Even if. Even if I need to remind it to myself. Even if I need a big paper installation by Yenn Ang for doing so. Alas, luckily I can always trust the inspirational power of art for going back to my basics!

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