Beck meets Bowie in Sound and Vision


When in 1977 David Bowie‘s album Low was released, it was anticipated by the single Sound and Vision. In line with Bowie’s unique inclination for ambiguity, the song is characterised by a catchy and cheerful tune while the lyrics darkly mirrors what Bowie defined one of the worst periods in his life. In 2013 Beck re-imagined and re-staged the song. Covers are always a tricky matter not only for devoted fans and – like him or not – Bowie is a legend (well, especially for me…). But Beck managed to build up a masterful version of the song. The fact that he subverted the minimalist fashion of the original version with an almost baroque rendition (I cannot say if there is an instrument missing from the performance) is maybe key to the magnificent result. In Beck‘s version the bond between sound and vision is literal. In fact, I think that watching the performance enhances the emotional power of the song. And I am left here waiting for the gift of sound and vision…




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