M.Funk – Sensory Photography


In looking at M.Funk pictures a whole range of emotional responses is awaken. His images have a strong suggestive power that affects different sensorial fields.


M.Funk‘s pictures all share an intimate tone that results as much from the framing as from the captured subjects. The artist seems to observe his surroundings with a discreet and humble eye and yet with a strongly aware presence.


BELLE-VUE-2-580x314Blurred or crisp, M.Funk‘s landscapes defy their being real places and become imaginary universes where complex emotions are released in a sort of suspended-in-time atmosphere.


LIGHTHOUSE-4-580x580A mysterious tension pervades everything, so that we are left to decide whether it is the quiet before the storm or just after it. Undecidedly peaceful and unsettling, the scenes are majestic and cozy altogether.

M.Funk masters the art of transposing real moments and situation into images that can conjure up impalpable emotions, memories and fantasies. This applies not only to his landscapes but also to the pictures capturing scenes from the street.





If you want to see more of the evocative photographic universe of M.Funk, please visit his website here.

All the images ©M.Funk



2 responses to “M.Funk – Sensory Photography

  1. Thanks to your your article. I’m a new fan of M. Funk AND your blog

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