Feather Art by Chris Maynard

Nature has countless ways to offer inspiration. The colourful feathers of many species of birds are the raw material for the graceful and sophisticated art by American Chris Maynard.




Maynard collects feathers that are gathered after natural molting in zoos and aviaries and uses them for creating lighthearted scenes, with birds elegantly dancing in flocks or intent in chasing food.




As quoted from Chris Maynards’ Featherfolio:

‘Feathers mark nature’s pinnacle of achievement: the intersection of function and beauty. They make flight possible, insulate against water, sun and wind; and their colors and patterns help them hide and attract mates.

To Chris Maynard, each feather is a small bit of perfection. When birds shed or discard their feathers every year, he recycles them in his art.’


In most of his compositions Maynard sapiently reproduces the features of the specific species endowed with that type of feather. With poetic artistry the artist can create the a catwalk for the vain solitary show of a peacock from its own feather…

shadowbox-peacock-attraction-WEBwm…or give visual form to the birdsongs of a variety of adorable little winged creatures.  And we seem to be surrounded by the incessant cheerful voices of hummingbirds and friends.

singing-bird-15webwmsinging-bird-9It takes an incredible skill, a mix of precision and patience and devoted concentration, to ‘chisel’ so delicately the feathers. Once Maynard has chosen the feather, he glues it onto paper and starts working on what he calls a shadow-box. In fact, once the artwork is done, the stunning result is enhanced by the shadows projected on the white background.

where-feathers-come-from-closeTo admire Chris Maynard at work with a feather see this video:

To see more of Chris Maynard‘s Featherfolio check his website.

All images ©www.featherfolio.com and courtesy of Chris Maynard.


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