Solar art by Jon Marro


Artist Jon Marro has coined the definition ‘Solar Art for his practice. Marro believes that art can be illuminating for our soul just like the sun provides light to our material existence.


Art proverbially bears a spiritual dimension for its potentially uplifting power. Admittedly, not all artists cultivate this potential, but some devote themselves to it. And this is the case of Jon Marro. He declares: ‘Art is the science of beauty’ and adds that his favourite medium is Spirit. 

Marro‘s art is inspired by the teaching  of the Pneuma System, a path towards inner wisdom that merges elements of the major spiritual traditions of the world, both ancient and modern and both from West and from East. But you don’t necessarily need to share this in order to feel the uplifting, calming and inspiring vibes coming out of his work. medrawing

Marro realizes his drawings on canvases and onto walls, with extreme patience and discipline. It could be said that for executing his works he uses those same inner skills required for cultivating one’s spiritual knowledge. In fact Marro says that each line in his drawings corresponds to a path of remembrance. Making art is thus an exercise in inner exploration that, once is finished, offers to the viewer a starting point for a new personal path. hummingbirdtreeturtle

Inspired by the creative force of nature, the thick accumulation of lines and the bright use of colours immediately evoke a pulsating liveliness and inspire harmony and a calm awareness. It does not come as a surprise that Marro’s intention is to offer a ‘modern sanctuary’. 

In fact Marro’s decorated rooms resemble ancient chapels where people went to pray or those chambers of the Renaissance designed for more secular meditations.

Jon Marro applies his Solar Art to different surfaces and mediums. He decorates guitars in an original and unique way. mudrarightsidetibetanwheelongwaysGSce-Marro-peghead

He also lends his art to support spiritual initiatives, designing ads and promotional videos.

Marro also designs t-shirts, cards, posters and other objects available here.

Too see more of Jon Marro art visit his website here.

All images courtesy of Jon Marro.



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