In need of Anne Taintor

It is not for making excuses, but! I finally had big plans and fantastic art in mind for this blog until last week, when I got commissioned some new works with deadlines which require me to only focus on them. This, at least until Christmas. I am certainly grateful for this, and yet I feel a bit frustrated in my everyday plans. And when this happens I am glad I have Anne Taintor‘s wit and irony. Since I first came across her work, I always have a positive inspiration for overcoming sadness, anger or frustration with energy and a smile…and I need it, here and now!



bf646bb8f4d3e0be399f700e8dda2467 And now, let’s set the ‘Christmas is coming’ mood: ANNE+TAINTOR+NAPKIN+resizedholiday-napkins-the-mistletoe-wasnt-the-only-thing-t6a011570aae89d970b012875f74323970c-800wiSee you soon, with some great art!


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