The magic art of paper marbling

Through a video by Turkish filmaker Oguz Uygur I discovered Ebru (the art of paper marbling), the magic of which is in its making…

With this video, Oguz Uygur celebrates his parents’ amazing craft in creating paper marbling. The shots concentrate on the slow and delicate gestures required for creating richly delicate images, the effect in the background resembling the organic streaks in marble. But the wonder that this ancient form of art holds fully reveals itself in the process of making. The inks are skilfully applied in a shallow tray with water. The colours gently float and spread on the surface, while the hand of the artist wisely shape the inks into patterns and shapes, with a perfect balance between evanescence and thickness. With the help of ink brushes, combs and other tools (some Ebru artists even resort to human hair), the ink blots are gently and almost impalpably manipulated. These thorough and minute gestures suggest an artistry acquired with patience and discipline, but filled with meditative grace. (via The Atlantic)


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