Laura Harris – Making mosaics with unusual materials

Artist Laura Harris uses the mosaic medium for giving shape to a delicate, dreamy universe. Not only she realizes her works with traditional materials, like glass, ceramics and stones. She reinvents a new life for clogs, old keys and bike gears so that they lose their technological function in favour of their decorative potential: Laura Harris became a full time artist in 1985, after being diagnosed with multiple sclerosis. Since then, she has constantly perfected her art, challenging the physical restrictions from the disease. Her visual imaginative universe is made of female fairy figures, absorbed in their thoughts, as if in a meditative dream. With gems, stones, glass and shiny scrap materials, she also creates flowers and animals that brim with bright colours in an enchanted atmosphere.

For more images visit Laura Harris‘s website here.

All images courtesy of Laura Harris.

(via My Modern Metropolis)


2 responses to “Laura Harris – Making mosaics with unusual materials

  1. Wow I love this!! Especially the gears. Reminds me of a pair of earrings I have made of large safety pins and clock pieces wired to the bottom of them. They are my favorite.

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