Laurent Laveder – Moon Games


Che fai tu, luna, in ciel? Dimmi, che fai,

Silenziosa luna?

Sorgi la sera, e vai,

Contemplando i deserti; indi ti posi.

(Giacomo Leopardi,  Canto Notturno di un pastore errante dell’Asia)

[you can find the English translation of Leopardi’s Night Song of a Nomadic Asian Shepherd here, on p.57]

Allow me not to use words today, I am tired and it’s getting late. Just the right time to abandon myself into Laurent Laveder‘s Moon Games

All the series Moon Games can be seen here.

Laurent Laveder website here.


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6 responses to “Laurent Laveder – Moon Games

  1. Far Out !

  2. One needs a poetic unconventional mind to see ‘how to use’ the moon…

  3. Wow! The rest of your posts are just as awesome as this one! Great blog!

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