Foto Marvellini – A Superheroes’ photographic genealogy


Have you ever wondered if superheroes had a genealogical tree? What would their ancestors look like? Well, wonder not anymore! Foto Marvellini has produced evidence of it…

Foto Marvellini‘s official story (available on their website and Facebook page) proclaims that Italian brother Carlo and Andrea inherited a photographic archive dating back to early XX century, when Marvellini photographic studio was founded – under the slogan ‘Portraits for everyone, even for those who do not want to be portrayed‘. Hence, also for superheroes willing to keep secret their identity.

It would not be difficult to associate their name РMarvellini Рwith Marvel comics, although Marvellini brothers do not portray only superheroes, but also characters from sci-fi movies,  especially Star Wars. But, who really knows what is the real story of these hilarious images? Are they vintage anonymous photographs digitally manipulated with wit and surreal irony?

Who really knows? And, even more, does it really matter after all? Looking at these portraits, what really matters is their extremely lighthearted imagination, savoured with the best virtue of all, a cheerful irony. So, don’t look for technical explanation because Marvellini brothers only obey to Einstein’s statement: Imagination is more important than knowledge!

On a final note, just for the less inclined to surrender to the power of imagination: a part from the series Ready To Hang, Marvellini brothers are also producing the series Fine Art for which they are appositely and literally back in the real dark room! Check their website here for details.

All images courtesy Foto Marvellini.




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