Rob Mulholland – Tide Flow, Time Flow


The new installation by Scottish Rob Mulholland conjures up imaginative universes, while  at the same time inducing a reflective space.

The term reflective lends itself perfectly to Mulholland‘s installations in general. In fact, the human silhouettes characteristic of his art are made out of stainless steel, functioning like mirrors that reflect the surroundings and the subjects interacting with them.

Mounted as part of a group exhibition in the grounds of a beautiful privately owned estate on the West Coast of Scotland called Caol Ruadh, Tide Flow – Time Flow occupies the shores of a lake and exploits the alternant rhythm of tides. The mirroring effect is enhanced by the ever-changing conditions of the water surface. Due to weather and light, the installation mutates at every second.

But the word reflective assumes also a second connotation, when referred to Rob Mulholland’s Tide Flow – Time Flow. All these impalpable figures create a deeply meditative environment, and their presence invites for reflection. They exist in an undecidable status: terrestrial and aquatic at once, ancestral presences belonging to the ancient past or alien creatures from the future. And also, are they emerging from the water for coming to the land or going back to the abyss they possibly belong to? Are they strangers or are they not rather the reflected ourselves?

Every installation by Rob Mulholland is inspired by the specific location for which is conceived. In this case, the water environment made him imagine Cretaceous sea-forms. The overall atmosphere is meant to trigger an evolutionary journey towards an organic and harmonic natural world.

For more of Rob Mulholland‘s art check his website here.

All images courtesy of Rob Mulholland.



2 responses to “Rob Mulholland – Tide Flow, Time Flow

  1. Fantastic sculpture and great article. I’m off now to learn more about him

    • Thanks! I am very happy to share inspiring stuff. They are meant to be contagious…and your compliment is very much appreciated! I visited your blog and I can see already so many intersting art and I will read the articles!

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