Iain Blake – Stone Footprints


To try not to smile with tenderness looking at the series Stone Footprints by Iain Blake is an impossible task. Like many forms of gentle and delicate simplicity, this body of work goes beyond any possible description.

Amazing creativity does not necessarily mean complexity. This series seems to suggest the contrary. Blake was inspired by nature: the smoothness and colour nuances of stones and pebbles triggered the imagination of the photographer.

Blake does something more than taking pictures from nature. He actively participates to the inspiration that nature offers, imaginatively responding to it with grace and a poetic spirit.

Land-art and installations in the natural environment are usually of massively big dimensions – they can leave us breathless because we feel tiny and irrelevant in front of nature. Blake’s work is just a totally different form of land-art, but not less inspirational.

Iain Blake gently invites to engage with the small and usually unnoticed aspects of the world for discovering the quiet force of imagination.

All images © Iain Blake



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