Paul Villinski, or how a beer can reincarnates into a butterfly


Artist Paul Villinski has a delicate creativity, which leads him to transform discarded beer cans and other humble materials into poetic installations.

Villinski‘s installations are highly inspired by two main passions of him: flying and butterflies. With painstaking attention and care, he creates beautiful pieces that communicate grace and ineffable lightness.

Music seems to be another strong part of Villinski‘s artistic personality. Old vinyls are cut and shaped as butterflies or birds that energetically depart from a vinyl player. An old and disused device takes on a new imaginative life.

In many cultures the butterfly symbolizes rebirth in the cycle of life. Look at the works where Villinski integrates them into musical instruments burnt and in decay. A small flock of butterflies emerges from the exact damaged area of the instruments.

And not only Villinski symbolically celebrates the cycle of life. His very choice of re-using discarded humble material, bringing it to a new powerful life affirms such a belief as a practice.

All the images thanks to Paul Villinski.



3 responses to “Paul Villinski, or how a beer can reincarnates into a butterfly

  1. So beauuuutifull!

  2. See my post butterfly space: . (This is not coincidentally related to sound, as the sound of Om comes from every point in the universe.)

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