Rune Guneriussen’s Dreamscapes

Norwegian artist Rune Guneriussen creates graciously incongruous dream-like universes, where lifeless everyday objects inhabit natural and apparently unaltered-by-man landscapes.

256px-Flag_of_Italy Italian version]

Picture 004

In between a science fiction moment and a fairy tale mood, his scenarios brim with such an evocative power that one can easily connect them with personal narratives that bring the objects to life.

Rotary-dial telephones flocking in a seascape can be as credible as the invasion of crabs I once witnessed in the light of a full-moon on an African beach. A nocturnal procession of bedside lamps can resemble some sort of spiritual, ritual gathering.

The world of Rune Guneriussen‘s art triggers personal adventures of the imagination. As he explained me in an interview featured in issue 8 of Elephant magazine, his photographic open invitations to dream are the final result of a complex and manual process.

Rune Guneriussen‘s show The Imposer of Shift runs at A | B | Contemporary Gallery in Zurich until the end of July 2012.

All the photos courtesy of Rune Gueriussen.

(This text was originally my introduction for the interview that Rune and I had last winter for Elephant magazine)

256px-Flag_of_Italy Italian version]


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