Transcendental Wayfaring by Dylan Culhane

The practice of photographer Dylan Culhane reaffirms the creative and expressive possibilities of analogue photography, with a body of works that captivates and tantalizes.

256px-Flag_of_Italy Italian version]

In the series Transcendental Wayfaring, Culhane took pictures of different landcapes, either wildly natural or with little human intervention. After recording the image, he played with light and emulsions on the celluloid negative. The original landscapes take a surreal, suspended almost psychedelic aspect. The contours blur and the colours explode in an acidic triumph.

No, Culhane‘s images are not the product of digital manipulation. He does not use Instagram nor the similar softwares that make us believe to be creative with just a click. What Culhane does is definitely more deeply creative. He incessantly experiments with the infinite possibilities (and trials and errors) offered by the analogue camera. He does not apply cool automatic filters. The only filter he uses is his subjectivity in the perception of places and time.

To know a little more about Culhane‘s photographic processes and experiments you can also see the interview he had with Dazed Digital.

Images thanks to Dylan Culhane.

256px-Flag_of_Italy Italian version]


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