Jim Denevan’s mind blowing Sand Art

Jim Denevan uses sand as a canvas for creating stunning temporary drawings that  waves and wind naturally dissolve.

[256px-Flag_of_Italy Italian version]

Enamoured with the beach, Denevan looks for the perfect empty location. Living in California, there is plenty of options for him. While we can admire the pictures of works than don’t exist anymore, Denevan considers the process the most important part of the work. Armed with a stick and a rack, he compares the process to a proper dance. The rhythmic noise of the rack on the sand provides him with the right beat.

The shapes and patterns drawn by Denevan recall the language of nature. Spirals, circles and their complex organic intersections, all can be referred to the Fibonacci sequence, the most recurring law of proportion existing in nature.

Although he also works on ice, sand is Denevan‘s main surface of choice. In 2009 he created the largest artwork to date in the Nevada desert. A truck was used to literally etch the dry and hard surface of the desert.

Denevan‘s website also presents his work on ice.

If you like to know a bit more about Jim Denevan you can also have a look at this short documentary, where he explains to KQUED Spark the poetic and personal charge of this form of land art.

[256px-Flag_of_Italy Italian version]


3 responses to “Jim Denevan’s mind blowing Sand Art

  1. i can see a lot of this going on this summer

  2. Yes, going to the beach with one more reason than just sunbathing.

  3. This is beyond awesome.

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