Moneygami by Hasegawa Yosuke

Money enhances creativity! Yes, because you can do more than spending it or wasting it. Like Japanese Hasegawa Yosuke.

[256px-Flag_of_Italy Italian version]

Hasegawa Yasuke isolates the face of illustrious people featured on banknotes, while using the rest of the note for folding fancy traditional hats.

He also creates nice photo collages, superimposing his moneygami portraits on another image for hilarious results.

All images courtesy of Hasegawa Yasuke.

[256px-Flag_of_Italy Italian version]


2 responses to “Moneygami by Hasegawa Yosuke

  1. The Moneygami art is just great! Thanks for sharing this!

  2. thanks! a pleasure to share great things!

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